Mother Italian, father German.

Lived in Munich, Hamburg, Firenze. Since 2016 in Milano

Advertising companies

Jung von Matt; Intern
Dornier, Wetzel von Bueren; Junior Copywriter
Serviceplan Germany; Copywriter-ECD/MD
Serviceplan Italia; ECD/Partner


Brand positioning and development.
Creation and execution of integrated multi-channel campaigns.


Italian, English, German

I believe that 

everything goes!

More than ever before we have the information, media channels, technical possibilities to create outstanding, involving and entertaining communication.

big data is a goldmine!

If we dig deep for hidden truths and future desires we are able to find undiscovered insights that pave the ground for excellent and striking creativity.

quality is fundamental!

Every piece of creativity we produce has to be perfect. This counts for the biggest campaign, the wildest film and the smallest post.

reactivity is the key!

Things are changing so fast and the more we learn to act and react light, right and quickly the more relevance and interest we will generate.

we could do some great things together!

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